About us

PROMISTAMP is based in Padua and deals since 1987 to produce metal accessories for the fashion industry including shoes, bags, belts, jewelry and labels.

Our company mantains still today its identity. The three founders Bruno, Daniele and Nicola, personally supervise all the production processes and the selection of the raw material as they were used to do twentyfive years ago. Family tradition and work traditions come together to ensure, to those who choose Promistamp, quality, professionalism and reliability.

Over the past decade, there have been some innovations in the company with the inclusion of the second generation that brought freshness and novelty.

There was the acquisition of new engineering strumentation for metal working, but many productive sectors still rely only on our craftsmen’s skills.

The details of most of the achievements require time and care that can not be delegated to machines due to lose their value added.

We work on direct commission to our clients each time we create a unique product that fully satisfies their needs.

Each item in the catalogue can be custumized in base of finishes choices and dimensions of the products.

All the process are carried out into the factory, from the initial design with the client, up to the coloration and / or plating finishing before being packaged and ready to be applied to the garment.

We have a very flexible structure that allows us to do productions of even small quantities, with a quality control system which allows us to deliver a flawless product.


Promistamp s.n.c.

metal production accessories

Viale del Lavoro, 12 - 35010 Vigonza (PD) - Italy

tel: 049 8933051

fax: 049 8934661

mail: info@promistamp.com