We manifacture all our products internally, from the initial design on paper to the final plating. We are equipped with CNC machining centers, laser cut latest generation for working of the of brass and copper, we constantly invest in new technologies, in this way we are always in forefront of technical/mechanical field, we are always ready to produce all request from our customers. We are capable of to build inside our factory the mold steel, having this way an immediate interface that allows us to reach the final result without intermediaries. We also have an internal lean and flexible structure, made of molding Zamak or brass cutting, passing through the metal finishing (sanding, polishing, silking), and finally coming to plating electrically connected, with the aim of achieving the highest quality in few time.


Promistamp s.n.c.

metal production accessories

Viale del Lavoro, 12 - 35010 Vigonza (PD) - Italy

tel: 049 8933051

fax: 049 8934661

mail: info@promistamp.com